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I want to book a Distillery tour for my friends and family! 

Click here to view and book our available tours. We currently hold tours on Saturday’s when we have enough staff. Looking for a private tour Ask Janice or John

Do you make your own Barrels?

Although John is very handy and builds many things. No, we do not make our own barrels. We make stuff in barrels and out of barrels. We do have a friend in Pennsylvania that makes them for us. His name is George, He is a master Cooper (someone that makes barrels) That is not us. We make spirits and cocktails and teach and we like dogs and puppies and cool customers but we don’t make barrels.

Do you mill your own Grains?

Nope, that is more OSHA than we can handle. But we order our grains in pre-milled. And we tell you in our distillers class.

Do you grow your own Crops?

Yes and No. We grow herbs like Mint, Juniper, Rosemary etc. But we DO NOT grow corn, barley, rye, or wheat. We are not farmers. We let farmers be farmers and no we don’t know his / her name. The guy we order from is named Andy if that helps.

Why did you name it Holy Ghost Distillery?

Why not? We liked the name, we loved the logo our daughter created and Holy Spirits was already taken.

How did you get started in this?

Just wanted to. No real reason other than one day in 2015 after visiting about our 50th distillery John said to Janice “I can do better” and she said “Yes.” That’s all, nothing glamorous nothing fancy. And besides that Janice says John drives her to drink.

Why isn’t you name on the bottle?

They are! McNamee is Janice’s maiden name. If you are going to make a whiskey, put a good Irish name on the bottle. Szczypkowski is John’s grandfathers name when he hit Elis island. Later shortened to Sepcoski. Making a good Vodka, put a good Polish name on the bottle. So our names are on the bottles. McNamee’s Black Irish, Szczypkowski Vodka, St Thomas Gin, MJL Agave Spirit are our brands. Holy Ghost Distillery Inc. is the company that owns those brands.

How do you infuse the Bourbon?

It all depends. Some are only one or two steps, others take weeks and many many steps. If you would like to learn how to do it, you can sign-up for our Distillery Class. Expect to work hard over several days.

How do you infuse the Vodkas?

Refer to the previous answer. Also, we don’t give away grandma’s recipe. KFC won’t give you the recipe for the chicken; don’t expect a family run business to GIVE you the knowledge they learned over time. If you would like to learn how to do it, you can sign-up for our Distillery Class.

Can you tell me everything you know about Bourbon and/or Distilling for FREE, one question at a time no matter how busy you are?

No, really, no. We value all our customers and even value our time and knowledge. We worked hard and spent a lot of money over many years to do what we do and know what we know.

We are currently the ONLY distillery in the state of PA to become an Executive Establishment of the Stave and Thief Society and Authorized to teach the ONLY Bourbon Certification Class recognized by the Kentucky Distillers Association, the Certified Bourbon Steward Class. Yep that’s us, we were the first!

We offer fun FACT filled classes to improve your knowledge. We gladly offer several classes where you can experience a lively fun fact filled time that is sure to answer your questions. You can start by Signing up for Bourbon 101 or even take a Distillery Tour and tasting. Really want to enhance your knowledge, sign up for our Certified Bourbon Steward Class held each month right here.

How are you making Bourbon? It can only be made in KY.

Please stop spreading this misinformation! It is just not true. Bourbon is our National Spirit. On May 4th 1964 the U.S. Congress declared Bourbon a distinctive product of the U.S.A. Meaning it can be made ANYWHERE in the U.S.A including all US Territories but NO where else in the world. Don’t believe it, Google it. But we know a bit about Bourbon.

Why do close so early? Why aren’t you open late like other bars?

Just like we are not farmers, we are not a bar. We are a craft distillery with handcrafted cocktails. We work 7 days a week and need to create, ferment, distill, bottle, do federal paperwork etc. And we need to sleep. Mostly, we don’t want to be a bar.

How do you make that cocktail / what’s in that drink?

If you are old like us, you will remember the commercial that answered a similar question with “Ancient Chinese Secret” We do offer YouTube videos you can review as well as our Classic Cocktails book and soon to be App for your phone.

Are you sure? Tell me, I want to make it at home.

A) We would rather teach you. Explain the cocktails, tell you a bit about it’s history, show you how to make it and then guide you in making your own. Then you will be enabled to make it at home, at a friends house and even hold your own cocktail party. (Hopefully using our products – shameful plug intended)

You teach Mixology?

Glad you asked, YES we do. Times and dates vary sign-up with your server or on our website. Have a group of at least 6 people, talk to Janice or John and we will arrange a private Mixology class.

Where is your Dog?

Tiny was 17 when he walked across that rainbow bridge. He passed during COVID so he had people with him 24/7 those last few months.

Why don’t you get a new dog?

Well, it’s just not time. We work all the time preparing this place. We ferment, distill, and bottle when you are not here so it’s available when you are. That is not something to bring a new puppy into. However, we loves pups and we love you bringing your pups here.

Who are the pups in the pictures on the website, facebook and instagram?

Some pics are of our grand-puppies. Our daughter’s dogs. Ruby & Zuko. Most however are pups of customers like you.

Do you let dogs inside the tasting house?

YES! no question there.

Do you let dogs inside the distillery?

Unfortunately no. but that is the only place. Well they can’t go behind the bar or in the kitchen, in the office or store room either.

Where do you ship Holy Ghost Distillery products? 

We can only ship HGD bottle brands to addresses in PA or DC. We cannot ship to any other state. It’s just the law we must follow!

I didn’t receive my shipment yet. Where is it? 

All of our HGD packages ship via UPS. We package shipments within 2 business of receiving your order. As soon as your order is packaged and put into the UPS system, you are emailed a tracking number.

I received my tracking information, but it is not here yet.

Once we hand a shipment over to UPS, it is in their hands and timeline. We cannot get the package back or move the timeline ahead. 

Do you offer expedited shipping? 

No, we do not offer expedited shipping at this time. Deliveries are expected to be received 5-7 days ordering.

My package was denied/delivery was attempted, but the shipment was not left at my door!

Because we ship alcohol, all deliveries must be accepted and signed by someone 21+. If no one answers or someone 21+ is not around, UPS will not leave the package. Three delivery attempts will be made. After that, the package comes back to us. 

I received the wrong bottles! 

That’s our fault! Send an email to with your name, phone number, and email so we can send a replacement package. 

Are your products gluten free?

It depends on a person’s sensitivity and willingness to take a risk. All our whiskeys are made with grain that contain gluten. While distillation probably strips away most of the gluten, we cannot make that guarantee. Our still is also not as efficient as a big still at a major distillery, so again, we cannot say with 100% certainty that it is gluten free. 

We do have products made without grain (like our Vodka, Absinthe, and Rum), but all are produced on the same equipment as our whiskeys. 

Why does my liqueur have sediment at the bottom of the body?

With respect to liqueurs, the products have lots of sugar and other flavor (in the case of Coffee Liqueur, coffee grounds), both of which can facilitate the precipitation of sugar to the bottom of the bottle.  If shaken, this precipitation will be in the product.  This is not to say we do not filter the product.  We constantly try to strike a balance between filtering (presentation) and flavor.  The more we filter, the more coffee and other flavors are stripped out. 

Why does my whiskey have floating sediment?

Ultimately, it’s totally normal for this precipitation to form in bottles of our whiskey because we take a very minimal approach to filtration and we take a full-bodied approach to the distillation or our whiskey. We believe this helps us make the best-tasting whiskey we can.  

The longer answer: by definition, filtering involves separating and stripping components of the finished product. We work hard to craft a full-flavored, pot-distilled whiskey, and then wait for time in the barrel to mature the spirit. A lot of chemistry happens during fermentation, distillation and aging, and a whole host of new chemicals form in the barrel through oxidative and extractive processes. These compounds are part of what gives whiskey its distinct flavor. When we empty barrels, we use a barrier filter without chilling the whiskey. The barriers are rated to different particle sizes.  This catches hunks of charcoal that break loose during aging, but may allow particulate break-through. This is one possible contributor to sediment.

Another likely cause is a class of flavor compounds called esters, which may contribute to haze and slight sedimentation (especially at low temperatures, like during the winter in Pennsylvania!). Esters form during fermentation and barrel aging (through oxidation). They give whiskey its body, and add heft on the palate. They’re important! But they also are not always so soluble — imagine mixing sugar into cold water. Warm the water (or whiskey) up, and the haze tends to disappear. Most larger distilleries do something called chill filtering which strips haze-causing fatty acids and esters from the spirit. This keeps the product clear at the cost of flavor. 

Do your liqueurs need to be refrigerated?

No, our liqueurs do not need to be refrigerated once opened due to high alcohol and sugar content.

Do you sell your barrels?

We do sell used cooperage! Please contact for availability and information.