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2016 – The start of it all


Janice and John discussed it together and decided to start Holy Ghost Distillery, Inc. We drove by the property know as “Homestead Commons” in Kidder Township and saw a tipped over for sale sign. Stopped to look at it and thought it might just be what we are looking for. It was a larger property than the original dream but if your going to dream, dream big! We saw the potential in the land and what we could do with it. The property was left to its own for quite some time, for over a decade we come to find out, but it was what we wanted. So we called the number on the sign and well….. that call didn’t work out so well.

We had our realtor contact the seller but the property was off the market. At that point we started working with our realtor we drive to several properties and building. None could match what we wanted and none fit the needs we had or the dream we were now dreaming. We kept looking and kept checking out properties.

We drove by 990 Rt 940 again, yes the for sale sale sign was back! We contacted our agent and started the process. By the end of the month we purchased the property and started drawing up plans. Well plans at least in our heads. It was the start of winter in the Poconos and we decided to take a few months to plan things out before we jumped in.

Assessed the original farm house and property. Started reviewing our overall plans with what the land and building had to offer. Layed out the six areas of the property on paper and started to draw up what was in our heads onto paper.

We planned! Really we drew up building plans, decided on the distillery building we would build. Designed a logo and much more. We had some personal setbacks with family members in and out of the hospital so that slowed us down a bit but we kept going.

Started clearing the lot of overgrown shrubs (picker bushes, lots and lots of picker bushes) dead trees and trees too close to the new tasting house. We started to source all the materials to build our bar, bar back, taps, barrel wall, flooring, etc. Installed new bamboo flooring that looks like old planks. We are all about using materials like bamboo and recycling building materials wherever possible.

We love to upcycle, reuse, & repurpose. Just look around the property and you will see so many things made from barrels, barrel hoops, barrel staves, pallets, ruff cut lumber that was sitting rotting on a friends property. We like to use our hand and our minds to create something new from something that was going to otherwise be discarded.

And Much much More!

  • Ax Throwing: rent the entire ax yard (weather permitting)
  • CHOCOLATE & SPIRITS PAIRINGS (max 20 people)
  • Smoked Cheeses, Decadent Cheeses with Spirits Pairings
  • After hours tours Reservations only
  • AFTER HOURS TOURS + Dinner + Campfire Reservations only

Holy Ghost Distillery at Your Place

We setup:

  • A dedicated barter at your location
  • Your bartender will explain our line of bourbons, vodkas, gins to each customer at the level the customer wants to interact.
  • Everyone can do a tasting (if desired and it’s included) 
  • Hand crafted cocktails by your bartender
  • We will deliver all the Bourbon and Vodka you order
  • All mixers, soda, fresh juices, house made simple syrups
  • Cups, napkins, straws etc.
  • HGD Shot Glass for everyone in the paid party